A Beginners guide to terpenes: What that smell tells you about your Medicine

Whether you are new to the world of medical cannabis, or a long time patient, you probably already know one main thing about cannabis, it smells! The smell of cannabis influences things from slang terms, to strain names, but it has lesser known, but more important role!

Aside from being a timeless method for comparing who has better supply of flower, smells of different cannabis strains can tell us A LOT about how that strain can assist the user medically. The underlying cause of the diverse and distinct fragrances that we associate with different strains are called Terpenes.

Terpenes are fragrant oils which not only give cannabis strains unique scent, but terpenes are also responsible for some of the therapeutic benefits associated with medical cannabis use. Terpenes are not only found in cannabis, terpenes are also found in other herbs, like mint for example has a whole family of terpenes with a very distinct, easy to identify scent profile. With some time, and practice, seasoned cannabis users will be able to identify terpenes in different strains as easily as you can smell mint compared with lavender. So now you get the basic idea, lets dive into the top 6 terpenes that are found in cannabis, how they help you, and what they smell like!

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